Trolls…they will be back and in greater numbers

Dear Internet Trolls,

Let me first say this.  I believe in the right to free speech.  Say what you will it is a free county and a free internet (well mostly).  With that being said, you all really, really, really need to get some perspective on life and the world in general and how things work out here in the real world.

Everyone in this world has suffered through some personally tragedy, be it a personal matter, a death, laid off from a job, or some other life shattering impact that happens.  If you haven’t then you are the most blessed person in the world or you are wrapped up in a cocoon of self absorption that nothing else in the world but you matters.  

I for one pity you….

You come in making comments in Facebook, Twitter, News Articles, or any other form of media thinking you are the end all be all of knowledge, or you are type that wants to set fire to all the things and watch the people scream back at you jut so you can get some recognition.

Does it matter.  In a word.   NO.

Does it affect the people who wrote the articles, or put their life’s work into something.  In a word.  YES

The reason I write this is that in recent days with the layoffs at BioWare the trolls have descended upon some of the fantastic people who have tried to do nothing but help and foster a community around the game that many of us still love.

In my position over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to keep my job through the economic turmoil when I have seen friends, co-workers, and family members get laid off or lose their jobs.  It is a tough process for all involved.  Yet some people in the world need to take it upon themselves to use it to their own advantage and make a point.

If you think your comments of “better off without you” “glad you go canned” or “u suck” are witty or well deserved I invite you to join the ranks of the real world and see what it is like. 

Like I said I am all for constructive criticism and feedback and the right to free speech.  It is what makes me better at my job and better as a person in the long run.  But if you believe for one second that hitting someone while they are down makes you “a big man” or you “got your point across”  by someone losing a integral part of their life, you are sorely mistaken.  It makes you one thing…..


As a bully, or a troll, you are no better than the kid in Jr. High that threw the small kids into the locker, took their lunch money, or took their homework.  Maybe you were that kid and you continued your hateful steak into the real world, or maybe you were the kid who was bullied and you are just taking it out on someone else.  I don’t know.  But you are far from making the world a better place.

That being said I will ask that you take your troll selves back to your mother’s basement until you grow up and decide to act in a grown up way with the rest of the world.  Make comments all you want just know this that somewhere down the line you will be the one in need of support or mentoring and guess what this trend you started will bite you in the ass.  

So troll me all you want, hate my game of choice if you want, kick people who are down if you want.  The decision is up to you and the right is yours.  Just remember karma is a bitch.

I believe Shepard Book said it best (with a little added).

If you TROLL someone, you’re going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for TROLLS  and people who talk at the theater.



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