Trolls…they will be back and in greater numbers

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Dear Internet Trolls,

Let me first say this.  I believe in the right to free speech.  Say what you will it is a free county and a free internet (well mostly).  With that being said, you all really, really, really need to get some perspective on life and the world in general and how things work out here in the real world.

Everyone in this world has suffered through some personally tragedy, be it a personal matter, a death, laid off from a job, or some other life shattering impact that happens.  If you haven’t then you are the most blessed person in the world or you are wrapped up in a cocoon of self absorption that nothing else in the world but you matters.  

I for one pity you….

You come in making comments in Facebook, Twitter, News Articles, or any other form of media thinking you are the end all be all of knowledge, or you are type that wants to set fire to all the things and watch the people scream back at you jut so you can get some recognition.

Does it matter.  In a word.   NO.

Does it affect the people who wrote the articles, or put their life’s work into something.  In a word.  YES

The reason I write this is that in recent days with the layoffs at BioWare the trolls have descended upon some of the fantastic people who have tried to do nothing but help and foster a community around the game that many of us still love.

In my position over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to keep my job through the economic turmoil when I have seen friends, co-workers, and family members get laid off or lose their jobs.  It is a tough process for all involved.  Yet some people in the world need to take it upon themselves to use it to their own advantage and make a point.

If you think your comments of “better off without you” “glad you go canned” or “u suck” are witty or well deserved I invite you to join the ranks of the real world and see what it is like. 

Like I said I am all for constructive criticism and feedback and the right to free speech.  It is what makes me better at my job and better as a person in the long run.  But if you believe for one second that hitting someone while they are down makes you “a big man” or you “got your point across”  by someone losing a integral part of their life, you are sorely mistaken.  It makes you one thing…..


As a bully, or a troll, you are no better than the kid in Jr. High that threw the small kids into the locker, took their lunch money, or took their homework.  Maybe you were that kid and you continued your hateful steak into the real world, or maybe you were the kid who was bullied and you are just taking it out on someone else.  I don’t know.  But you are far from making the world a better place.

That being said I will ask that you take your troll selves back to your mother’s basement until you grow up and decide to act in a grown up way with the rest of the world.  Make comments all you want just know this that somewhere down the line you will be the one in need of support or mentoring and guess what this trend you started will bite you in the ass.  

So troll me all you want, hate my game of choice if you want, kick people who are down if you want.  The decision is up to you and the right is yours.  Just remember karma is a bitch.

I believe Shepard Book said it best (with a little added).

If you TROLL someone, you’re going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for TROLLS  and people who talk at the theater.



Thank you.

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I will begin this the best way I know how.

Thank you.  Thank you to the entire development team of Star Wars: The Old Republic. You created a world that I love to play in and enjoy.  Let me be clear, yes I know there are some faults but I truly enjoy playing this game and I will be here for the entire run.  The good, the bad, and the Wookies.

Let me just say that my thoughts and best wishes go out to all those people and their families, and their co-workers, that have been affected by the layoffs in the recent days. 

There really are no words to describe the loss that the company, the fans, the game, and the community as a whole.  

Once again, I raise a glass in your honor.  Thank you for what you have accomplished and good luck with all of your endeavors in the future.  You will be truly missed.  

“Do or do not, there is no try”

Thank you!

A Voice of Reason

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“I cannot teach him, the boy has no patience”

“He will learn Patience”

Thinking forward with this post I know I will get a TL;DR or two out of this so please hold the course and see where this goes before you set your Bounty Hunter Pyrotechs on me.

First let me explain a bit about myself so you can see where I’m going.  I am a “Casual/Hardcore” gamer.  What does this mean?  I still love gaming and do spend a lot of my spare time gaming but at the same time I am not driven to knock out content as fast as possible.    I want to enjoy the games I play, and try to take my time with them but I do have a competitive streak that makes me want to be good enough to enjoy all the content.

That being said, I have a fantastic career that I love (even though the 50+ hours a week cuts into game time). A girlfriend that I love as well and enjoy spending time with.  I am also still somewhat of an athlete, after my morning dose of caffeine and logging into the game I love and starting my crafting, I go for a run or go to the gym while the first round of crafting is going.

Trust me when I say there are not enough hours in the day to enjoy everything but I try to make time the best I can.

With the Patch of 1.2 yesterday to Star Wars: The Old Republic lots of questions were raised and with the announcements that were made as well as the additional downtime today, the amount of Nerd Rage has left me the unenviable task of trying to be a “Voice of Reason”.

Besides a few minor bugs I noticed with my playtime yesterday, (speeder noise being the most predominant) my feeling toward patch 1.2 were very positive.  I finally was able to roll my Chiss Jedi Sentinel and start down the Grey path to be a Jedi of the Living force.

(Side note: even with all the stuff I do in real life I do have a couple level 50 characters.  Yes, I know I don’t sleep)


What troubles me is the backlash that we have seen in the last 24 hours concerning the Legacy rewards that are being handed out to players.  First our Tauntaun Ram who is being sent to all players with an active account in good standing.  Fantastic! Everyone loves a free in game pet!  Second and I’m sure to most is the biggest point of contention is the free 30 days of game time that is being handed out to players with a level 50 character in good standing. I know with a couple of level 50’s I’m eligible for this but it did not help when I read this and shuttered with dread as I knew was to come.  Immediately I look at my best friends in my guild and some of them due to life circumstances and other factors have yet to level to 50 but they are no less passionate about the game than I or the other members of my guild who are level 50.  Why don’t they deserve a chance at this since they have been “Founders” and been around since early access?  Also what about the people who like me who are in “Alts Anonymous” having a hard time choosing between fabulous story lines?  What about the single dad/mom that uses it as an escape after the kids go to bed, or after they finish working their second job, but can only play about an hour a day before they pass out from exhaustion?  Don’t these gamers (because that is what we all are) deserve the chance to reap the same rewards as someone who power levels to 50 and then walks away from the game or goes to the forums to complain about the lack of content?

Truthfully I don’t have the right answer to the question.  I believe this was a case of very good intentions from the staff at Bioware but it just didn’t go the way anyone would think it would when you say.  “HEY we are gong to give out free game time!!!” The consequences aren’t always what they seem.

To wrap this up sorry for the wall of text. I wish there was a way I could donate my 30 days to someone more “deserving” than me as although I’m not really affluent I would gladly give my free game time to someone who needs it.

TL;DR Yes I have a 50, Yes I love the Legacy System and 1.2. No I don’t think SW:TOR did it “quite right” when handing out Free game time and didn’t account for all factors.

The Return

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So, let me first say that it has been a while since I last posted and with the release of Patch 1.2 I feel the time is right for me to delve once again into the business of my thoughts and the news surrounding Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Over the next few days I will be porting my old “Talion Thoughts” over just in case anyone still wants to read them.  In addition I feel the need to voice my opinions, constructive critisims, and hopefully helpful thoughts about many of the topics that surround the game and the community at large.  So please bare with me as I try to put this in some semblance of order.